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A hand creme that heals the skin

Itchy, painful hands

For many years I’ve had skin issues on my hands, and after trialling many different hand creams, I finally have a solution.

The problem with my skin on the top of my hands could be eczema, dermatitis from working with my hands in chemicals years ago, or even just from having to constantly wash my hands.  But it is a very annoying problem, and sometimes you just wish there was some magical cream that would fix it !!

As my hands became more painful and itchy, not to mention the fact that they didn’t look nice, I consulted a dermatologist hoping to find some answers.  He asked questions, showed me some information on his computer, and then wrote me out a prescription.  Not quite what I was expecting or hoping for, but then I had no idea what to expect at the appointment.  At least this ointment that he had prescribed might work… I thought.

Unfortunately, after handing over all my money, both for the cream, and also the very expensive consultation fees,  I had an ointment from the chemist that didn’t work.  Aarghhhhh….

I was beginning to think that there wasn’t going to be a solution.  That maybe this is just something that I have to learn to live with.

A new hope

Well the answer came a few years later.  Friends returned from a New Zealand holiday and they brought me back a present.  They’d come across a hand creme made by Parrs, a New Zealand company.  It contained that magical ingredient I was looking for.  MANUKA HONEY.

The conditioning hand creme was amazing.  Absolutely incredible because it cleared up the itchy painful rash in a matter of days.  Something that no other product I had used, or used since, has ever done.

Not only is the manuka honey conditioning hand creme good for your hands, as it nourishes and heals the skin, but it can be used on other areas of the body where the skin is damaged or itchy and sore.

Amazed by the simple natural ingredient of manuka honey, I have since started using other products with manuka honey, but this is still my favourite.  The look of the outside of the tub has changed, as the packaging has had an update, and the Parrs Manuka Honey skincare products are now marketed under the brand “Wild Ferns” but the product is as effective as ever.

For more information about manuka honey check out our manuka honey page and to purhase Parrs Wild Ferns Manuka honey Conditioning hand creme have a look at our new shop- Manuka honey hand creme.


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